Friday, May 3, 2013

Naked and Nerdy, Pervy and Proud

Starting is always the most nerve-wracking part of any new project, so I’m just going to jump in with an introduction and a statement of intentions.

Hi. I’m Iris Explosion. In no order of importance, I’m a nerd, a burlesque performer, a sex educator, feminist, and queer. I've started many blogs in the past that, like most baby blogs, floundered and died after only a few posts (the exception being a pretty kickass livejournal I kept for many years when I was a teenager). I have recently discovered, though, that I am full of OPINIONS! on my many varied interests. Try to imagine that whenever you see the OPINIONS!, I am thrusting my index finger forthrightly into the air. You can even do it yourself when you read it.

I am full of OPINIONS! about burlesque. OPINIONS! about nerd culture. OPINIONS! about feminism. And, most importantly, OPINIONS! about where all three of these intersect. It’s not that I need a soapbox. Goodness knows, there are plenty of boxes in this world that I can proudly stand naked upon thrusting forthrightly. There are so many wonderful conversations happening on blogs, on facebook, on twitter, and in real life about all of these things, and I want to join in on that. I’m in awe of blogs like The Pervocracy and Showgirl Detritus who's authors are able to speak candidly and with humor about some pretty serious subjects. I want to discuss, to debate, and to have a body of work to look back upon, and to see how my OPINIONS! change and shift over time.

Things that this blog will not be:

A promotional platform- I do a lot of things! I perform! I teach classes! I speak! And yes, that is my business (in more than one sense of the word). Sometimes I’ll post my thoughts around those things, but I don’t want this to be a space where I promote my endeavors. You can go to my website or twitter feed for information on that kind of stuff.

Full of pictures- There are lots of mostly-naked photos of me floating around on the internet. Go find ‘em. Knock yourself out. I post new ones to a lot of my aforementioned social media.

A personal sex blog- I have a ton of respect for people who write and publicly explore their personal sex lives. I have a great deal to say on the subject of sex, but I will not be sharing much from my own life unless I think it's applicable.

Things that this blog will be:

Varied- I have a lot of different interests! This blog will probably not be about just one thing, but a lot of things! And exclamation points! If you’re here because you want to read my thoughts on burlesque, but don’t play video games- awesome, there will be something for you. If you’re here because you’re a feminist gamer or nerd, but don’t really *get*  the burlesque thing, super cool, make yourself comfortable.

NSFW- Content wise, just keep this in mind.

Awesome- Yes! I don’t know. Maybe? Hopefully!

So yes. Hello. Let’s begin.

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